Ele 3 2L Air Fryer Pro With Non stick Basket
Ele 3 2L Air Fryer Pro With Non stick Basket

Ele 3 2L Air Fryer Pro With Non stick Basket

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  • The basic 3 2 liter limit Air Fryer that gives you full oversight over your cooking with its time and temperature dials.


  • Because of its sight seeing technology you can cook with less fat and oil to make more beneficial forms of all your preferred quick nourishments.


  • It s a basic and clean option in contrast to your old profound fat fryer. Furthermore it could not be simpler to utilize. Basically add your nourishment to the non stick Easy Load Fry Basket space it set up set your time and temperature dials and Power Air Fryer Express will have your nourishment prepared right away .


  • 3 2 Liter limit Air Fryer ideal for sustaining the whole family. Including 1500 Watt power the fryer warms up to 200 C 400 F and uses super warmed cyclonic air to broil nourishment making a non oily brilliant dark colored fresh covering and bolting flavor and dampness inside.


  • Cooks with practically zero oil so you can make more beneficial home made renditions of your preferred singed nourishments with up to 80 less fat.


  • Simple to utilize dials for time and temperature so you are in finished control The programmed shut off element stops the cooking cycle once the clock heads out to forestall overcooking or consuming your supper for more prominent adaptability and true serenity


  • The shut cooking framework gives a safe and smell free option in contrast to profound fat fricasseeing Rapidly cooks from solidified no defrosting fundamental A la mode and contemporary dark plan with cool contact simple hold handle and non slip feet .


  • Simple to clean off Non stick dishwasher safe parts Incorporates Easy Load Fry Basket with extraordinarily planned vents to enable fat and oil to deplete into the holder beneath Incorporates removable movable Easy Load Basket Divider to empower you to prepare whole suppers simultaneously


  • Incorporates Bonus Recipe Book including most loved singed nourishment plans exceptionally adjusted for use in the Power Air Fryer Express


  • Extraordinary for cooking an assortment of nourishments including fries seared chicken steak spring rolls and even treats

Measurements 32 2cm d x 32 2cm w x 36 6cm h