Portable Adjustable Laptop Tablet Cellphone Stand Table

Portable Adjustable Laptop Tablet Cellphone Stand Table

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This Foldable Laptop table stand makes carrying easy and holds your computer firm and steady.

It rotates around 360 degrees and locks in places at various angles

Product Design Ergonomic Design

The Foldable Laptop table stand has sturdy and fully adjustable legs so that you can reshape it to any height you want

The collapsible frame provides limitless angles to fit any body position

Versatility Avoid neck and back pain by simply adjusting the table to your suitable height In just a few easy steps you can achieve the right position for your comfort .

Organized work space

The Foldable Laptop table stand is perfect for when you need to use more than one monitor or computer for your projects It makes your work space more organized and comfortable

Product Features

The Foldable Laptop table stand helps reduce the operating temperature of your laptop and allows for steady airflow around it

It comes with two USB fans to distribute air quietly and evenly under the base of your laptop or notebook

It is powered by your laptop s USB port USB cord is included It has two silent fans that use very little energy so it won 39 t even affect your laptops battery life

The legs make the table so unique with its adjustable auto locking joints that rotate around 360 degrees

It can hold things in a variety of configurations

It provides the most comfortable typing angle and reduces neck and shoulder stress

It is compatible with all laptops under 17 and less than 8 KG Suitable with all tablets and cell phones

Dimensions Size 56 4 x 26 x 5 48cm

Tray Size 48 x 26cm

Side Tray Size 18 x 16cm


1 x Laptop Stand 1 x USB Cable 1 x Mouse Pad 1 x Screw 2 x Anti skip Buckle 1 x Colour box